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Recruitment Solutions

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VIP Services

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Academic Experts is one of the fastest growing international training and corporate solutions companies with operations in the United States,
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All of our language programs are available online as well as face-to-face for children and adults. We can guarantee you efficient and effective learning behind the screen and not to mention fun. You won’t notice you’re no longer in the classroom.

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Professional Development

Invest in your employees by signing up to our specialized professional development courses. From executives to HR specialists to instructors, we’ve got your covered with an array of training courses that will show your team you’re committed to helping them grow.

Recruitment Solutions

Strengthen your workforce and with AcademEx. We’ll help you extend your reach by extending our resources to provide manpower solutions for businesses and projects of all sizes. Our team of recruitment specialists will always deliver irrespective of the demands of any industry.

VIP Program

For all of our esteemed companies, businessmen, executives, government officials, and royals, we offer personalized, tailor made programs to fit your ambitions as well as your lifestyle. Take the lead in business and in life with our exclusive, one-of-a-kind language training programs.


Let our experts give you the tools you need to get an edge on your competition. From business development to training and recruitment solutions, we have the right people in place to take your company performance and growth to the next level.

Curriculum Development

Our carefully selected team of highly skilled researchers and linguists can help turn your ideas into fun, engaging, and effective programs complete with lesson plans and pacing schedules.

Language Training

Our engaging and immersive programs delivered by experts in English language training and delivery, sets us apart from the traditional methods you will find in most instates.


Teacher Noor

He teaches us with pleasure and conveys information easily thank you so much



Mr. Noor has taught me for a year. He was a great teacher. He didn’t teach us as normal class. He was using methods that includes student involvement. All in all, he is the best teacher I have ever had.


He was an amazing teacher I loved his…

He was an amazing teacher I loved his learning method even it was very fun and different than the others I will never forget him


Dr noor the best teacher

It was a unimaginable experience,Dr Noor was one if the best teachers out there.
His teaching methods are unique , and i have nothing but appreciation and gratitude towards him.

Ragsg Hshsg

Mr Noor is the best

Mr. Noor taught me for 2 years, he is one of the best. His lessons were always interesting and fun. He had good relationships with his students.


Mr.Noor was one of the best teachers…

Mr.Noor was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Maybe he has a unfamiliar way to teach, however his teaching method is useful and beneficial.


A year with with Mr.Noor

I’ve been taught by Mr.Noor for almost a year. The improvement I witnessed is truly unbelievable, and I attribute it to his unique teaching methods and care for his students.

نواف السفياني

You can memorize words in English from…

You can memorize words in English from songs and movies, and how to spell it, but yet you can’t say I can speak and write in English. I realize that when I had Mr. Noor as a teacher and mentor, now broadly I can say I’m able to speak and write in proper English.

Fares Al Murif

Mr Mesh

Mr. Noor taught us for a year, his teaching methods is the best, and different from others. We learned so much with him, in a very effective, interesting and useful way.


Me Sh

Outstanding training experience that is carefully designed

Under Mr.Noor’s Guidance, me and my fellow colleagues were delighted and in luck to have such an outstanding training experience, such carefully designed training experience was and is the best I have yet seen amongest many other options.

Good job, keep it up👌🏼


Learned a lot, all while enjoying the process

Noor taught me for about 10 months & I’ve learned so much during that period. Noor displayed excellent teaching methods that have always kept me excited to learn & attend classes.

Overall I had a pleasant experience & would recommend anyone to join.

Aziz Mesned

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