Corporate Services

Academic Experts are providers in linguistic solutions and premier training in association with government and non-government institutions, private companies and various local organizations. With AcademEx, you get the opportunity to fill the void with local and international experience, commitment to excellence, extensive collaboration, and a world-class educational foundation.

Recruitment and Outsourcing

We’ll build your very own curriculum based on your requirements. As a VIP member, you can benefit from your very own personal tutor, allowing you to customize each lesson accordingly. This in turn controls the pace, focus and goals of each planned lesson.

Training Consultation

Helping you reach your full potential professionally, and accomplish the goals you’ve always wished for. We deliver a budget friendly consultancy, and training solutions for clients and businesses willing to take a step in improving the skills and techniques used in your business. 

Assessment and Analysis

Academic Experts is well equipped in assessing the corporate entities’ needs of the English language. Our team of administrators uses tools for assessment and testing that are meticulously designed by a team of highly-skilled academics. Accurately measuring the level of English of present and prospective employees of any organization. All assessments are formally aligned to a common framework consisting of writing tasks, language awareness, language learning and training tailored to fit your requirements.

Learn and Train Abroad

Fulfill your dream of studying or training abroad! We aim to help clients in reaching their exponential growth, whether it’s in language or professionally. With English being a global language of business and travel, Academic Experts facilitate amazing opportunities to study or train at reputable and highly esteemed institutes, colleges, and universities at locations in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Form long-lasting relationships with native speakers, and benefit from the guaranteed development of your skills. Immerse yourself in new cultures through your environment, and explore new interests. Not to mention, being in the world’s most exciting cities across the globe. There are a range of summer programs suitable for you. 

Train the Trainer

Our prime focus is to produce world-class English and Arabic language instructors. Our highly-qualified and experienced educators and trainers aim to design a curriculum that improves an individual’s performance. 

Managing Educational Programs

An educational program tailored according to the needs of each client, with a skilled and professional team paving the paths of each student to a prosperous future. If you have a fluctuating time schedule, our managing team will help you customize your educational program according to a schedule that suits you. All services are highly flexible and customizable fitting in the needs of each client.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum development is achieved through the design and development of the learning goals. The essential drive of curriculum development is to strategically ensure that learners receive a unified and coherent learning experience that allows personal, professional and academic growth. Focusing on subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design, we offer solutions to all learning requirements concerning design and implementation.