Learn Arabic

Arabic learning courses at Academic Experts are delivered while using effective methods that gives each student confidence to write and speak in Arabic. We offer an encouraging atmosphere, with a continued sense of achievement and progression through variable assessments, tests and activities.

Arabic for Religious Purposes

Have you ever wanted to understand the Qur’an or decipher a Hadith? Or listened to a lecture, and never understood the topic or the content? Struggle no more!

AcademEx understands the importance of learning Arabic to help you comprehend Islam through the origins of the language presented. Arabic is a language that has a massive significance in Islam. Outstanding, fully-qualified, native Arabic teachers are experienced in the basic foundations of the Arabic language to advanced-level structures. Adopting the communicative approach, we target the development of the four language skills, whilst embracing the culture that comes with it.

Arabic Teacher Trainer

This course is programmed to provide trainees with skills and knowledge of teaching practices, and enable them to teach Arabic locally through modernized and communicative methods. Our Experts will equip trainees with suitable skills and knowledge of teacher training by using real-life classroom scenarios and relatable, educational contexts. Input sessions alongside teacher observation methods will be used to assess effectiveness of the training.

Arabic for Specific Purposes

Besides from all the English language programs offered, Academic Experts also design curricula customized for specific fields. Our Arabic programs, also meet the needs of Arabic learners in the professional arena. Providing courses in different skilled areas, this is the ideal choice for you.