Learn English

Learn English the AcademEX way!

General English

A program designed entirely in fostering a relaxed learning environment where students are encouraged to share thoughts. Engaging in everyday topics in an informal atmosphere, we imitate the outside world and the challenges that come with it. Recreating real-life scenarios creates the confidence boost, effectively improving the fluency of the participants. A course designed with various levels, students can track their progress, and thus, take control of their learning.

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Conversation Club

Try our one-of-a-kind conversation club! You’re going to LOVE IT. This is one of our most asked about and highest rated courses. It is so popular, we never have enough classrooms to accommodate everyone who is interested. And we know why! Our interactive sessions are robust with practical and immersive activities as well as fun and thought provoking conversation topics. But as always, we have something else up our sleeves.

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Business English

We have designed this course to provide clients with the necessary tools to communicate effectively in their respective careers. It focuses entirely upon skills needed in the business world. The experts teaching Business English are qualified instructors with extensive business experience. This dynamic course covers all of the crucial skills included, but are not limited to:

  • Writing business proposals
  • Conducting meetings and interviews
  • Email writing and correspondence
  • Telephone etiquettes
  • Note-taking
  • Negotiating
  • Giving presentations
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Traveling for business
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English for Specific Purposes

These courses are designed to conquer the common language needs for those with different backgrounds. Don’t let promotions within your profession pass you by. We’ll make sure you get the edge you need on your competition. Each of our programs is tailored to your industry with the purpose of developing the necessary language skills in your respective sector. Some of the programs we offer include:

  • English for Marketing & Sales
  • English for Advertising
  • English for Aviation
  • English for Accounting
  • English for the Energy Industry
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for Logistics
  • English for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • English for Social Sciences
  • English for Sociology
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English for Kids

Invest in the future linguists and writers of tomorrow. At, AcademEx, we encourage children of all ages to become better listeners, speakers, readers and writers. Our goal is to develop autonomous learners by helping them reach their full academic potential, and stimulating their desire for continuous intellectual growth. We offer courses, programs, and workshops that are not only fun and interactive, but also engaging and meaningful. And the real time focus of this course improves skills and develops accuracy by serving as a solid supplement to the school curricula. Best of all, we provide all of this in an encouraging environment where young learners can interact with their peers confidently using newly learned skills and vocabulary.

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1-on-1 Tuition

Some people just prefer to learn on their own. And we completely understand. That’s why we also offer private sessions made specifically to suit your language aims as well as your preferred pace. Build the confidence you need in the comfort of your own home and become the social butterfly you’ve always wanted to be. Our modernized private tuition courses still offer the same calming classic concepts, but in a more contemporary, technologically driven atmosphere.

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Study Abroad

The best way to learn a new language is by full immersion. Nothing beats the real life experience of living in an environment where the target language is being spoken 24/7. Find out how AcademEX can help you secure your opportunity to study in the US and UK at studyabroad@academexperts.com

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There’s only one REAL way to learn English….USE IT! We vehemently believe that you will never learn a language you don’t use. So instead of sitting in another traditional, lecture dominated classroom where you spend most of the time in your seat, try one of our courses where the learning is practical and entertaining.