Learn English

Academic Experts aim to provide English language training, which facilitates the acquisition of the core linguistic skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) to students of all age groups. We provide an interactive environment for students conducive to modern language learning, meanwhile, our skilled experts harness our aims with meaningful practicality and extensive experience.

General English

A program designed entirely in fostering a relaxed learning environment where students are encouraged to share thoughts. Engaging in everyday topics in an informal atmosphere, we imitate the outside world and the challenges that come with it. Recreating real-life scenarios creates the confidence boost and in-turn improves the fluency of our students. A course designed with various levels, students can track their progress, and thus, possess the power of taking control of their learning.

Conversation Club

The conversation club is constructed to develop the speaking ability of our students. This course is comprised of a series of comprehensive lessons, which include starter-sessions, virtual activities, practice exercises, cultural information/history, and modern vocabulary helping bring their new language to life.

Business English

We have designed this course to provide clients with the necessary tools to communicate effectively in their respective fields professionally. It focuses entirely upon skills needed in the business world. The experts teaching Business English are qualified instructors with extensive business experience. The curriculum designed on this course is dynamic and flexible covering crucial skills but are not limited to:

English for Specific Purposes

Designed to conquer the common language needs for those with different backgrounds. Your professional and personal background isn’t important on this course. Each program is tailored to your industry with the purpose of developing the necessary language skills.

The programs offered include:

Junior English

Plant a seed and grow the future writers of tomorrow. AcademEx inspire children of all ages to become better readers and writers. We aim to build young learners’ study skills and encourage them to be autonomous learners. We offer a range of courses and communicative levels designed entirely in providing our young learners a platform to learn English. Tailored to various age groups and current interests, our themes and topics are designed around providing opportunities for real English communication.

The real time focus of this course is to improve skills and develop accuracy in order to compliment the school curricula. We provide an encouraging environment to all our young learners where they can interact with their peers, and use newly learned skills. Our Experts foster ways for an all-round development of your child with a communicative, creative and fun approach.

However, our programs are not just limited to reading and writing, we offer an environment free from distractions and foster life-long lessons to aid our young learners in their future educational paths. Whether it’s help with homework, assistance with the struggles of today’s class, or simple exercises to boost creativity, we’ve got you covered.

One-on-one Tuition

Helping you reach your personal goals, we focus on your strengths and developing your weaknesses. Your sessions will be tailor made to suit your language aims, and tutors who familiarize themselves with each student’s habits and unique learning styles to assist them on building one’s confidence to communicate effectively. This course helps great in overcoming anxiety, fear and complexes, meanwhile, providing learners with full exclusive instructional assistance.


At Academic Experts, we strongly believe and implement the use of informal and continuous assessments. Tracking progress allows learners to see their growth, and pivots their learning goals if need be. Teachers can target problem areas through testing, and refocus moving forward. More than just a two-hour writing exam, we present our test in a series of unconventional methods and equally target the core skills.