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Welcome to the most exclusive and dynamic VIP language program you never knew existed. Experience language training at its absolute finest. We deliver our top of the line curriculum using state of the art technology for an immersive, interactive, and engaging learning experience like no other.

Our most trusted and highly rated instructors will take you on an amazing, all-inclusive journey where you’ll fully develop each core language skill that you can put into practice immediately. And of course there’s more. We also offer the VIP program for kids and businesses, giving everyone the chance to experience excellence beyond expectations. And to top it all off, you’ll also receive personalized gifts as well as complimentary access to services, courses, and entertainment that’s privately held and offered exclusively to our esteemed and eminent program members.

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To Our Prestigious VIP Program Consider The Following Perks

Tailored Learning Experience

We’ll build your very own curriculum based on your requirements. As a VIP member, you instantly get access to our curriculum design process, allowing you to customize each lesson according to your strengths and weaknesses. Our experts will, of course, provide consultation whenever needed along the way to ensure that you’re preferred focus, pace, and objectives are set appropriately. Take control of your path to English fluency, and sign up now!

Focused Delivery

As a VIP client, we’ll establish a personalized plan, To fit your individual learning objectives regardless of whether the training is being conducted privately or in a group setting. With our unique and exclusive progress tracking system, you’ll always know where you are and how far you’ve come. Our instructors will also give you an accurate insight into where you’ll be at the end of your respective course.

VIP On-demand

We are pleased to introduce our most innovative and exclusive VIP service to-date. This service is literally the first of its kind. It’s so exclusive, we cannot share it with everyone…..just yet. Quite frankly, we are only offering this service to high-ranking business executives, government officials, and royals due to the volume of demand.


"The VIP conversation course for our company was truly excellent. Very nicely delivered."
Dr. A. Al-Enezi
Enjazaat Al-Bilad
"We used best-selling books and real life scenarios to create engaging dialogue. Amazing program!"
Mr. A. Ziyad
Managing Director
Middle East Technical Solutions
"The VIP On-Demand program was perfect for my busy schedule."
Eng. Khalaf Al-Dalbahy
General Manager
Riyadh Municipality

VIP Clients