Welcome to languages’ elite. This is language learning like no other. We offer first-class services that exceed experience beyond expectation. Academic Experts doesn’t just offer the convenience of time, but also place. Saving you the troubles of travelling to our language institute, we’ll bring English to your doorstep according to your own availability.

Members of our VIP Services at Academic Experts can enjoy the following benefits:



We’ll build your very own curriculum based on your requirements. As a VIP member, you can benefit from your very own personal tutor, allowing you to customize each lesson accordingly. This in turn controls the pace, focus and goals of each planned lesson.

Tailored Learning


As a VIP client, we’ll establish a personalized plan, to fit your own personal learning objectives. In addition, our experts will work  closely with our client to meet requirements, to master an innovative learning experience.

Your Place,

Your Time

Academic Experts are pleased to announce our Your Place, Your Time initiative. Only available on the VIP package, clients benefit from the constant flexibility of session locations. We understand our clients’ schedules are demanding, therefore, you can arrange your session time in any location. If you have an hour free before a meeting, we’ll come to your workplace. Or are about to wind-down for the evening, we’ll come to your home. And even if you want to change of scenery, we’ll meet you at a coffee shop. You’ll also have the flexibility of online training sessions in between your meetings. No problem at all! We run on your time and conditions.